Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC is a Trusted Home Leveling Company in Mandeville

If you’ve noticed that your property is sinking or uneven, it likely has a structural problem. Saving it probably means you need help from a home leveling company. If you’re based in Mandeville, you should consider getting in touch with Patterson. As a trusted house leveling company, the team can provide you with a top house leveling service to get your foundation even. In addition to providing home leveling, we also have a top team of house movers in Mandeville. If you want to move your building to another location, this is the answer!

We Have a Team You Can Count On

A house moving company generally has a team of building movers that specialize in structural moving. Structural relocation is a complex process that requires a deep knowledge of building foundations and how they work. This is why there are so few dependable providers of structure relocation. Fortunately for you, Patterson is renowned as a leading building moving company in the area. Part of the reason this is possible is due to our collective experience working with foundations and structures in general. We also operate as a structural shoring company in Mandeville, and work hard to help our customers keep the homes or buildings that are so important to them.

We can also assist you in this area via helical pile installation. If you’re worried about your foundation not being stable or sturdy enough, opting for a helical pile foundation is often the way to go. With our helical piles for house foundation services, we can provide you with helical piles in Mandeville. We don’t just operate as helical pile contractors, though. As mentioned above, we also work as a home elevation company and carry out house elevation in Mandeville. Our house front elevation is a crucial part of helping families keep their homes.

Some of the other ways we can help maintain your home is via storm damage restoration and home raising. As a foundation repair company, lifting a house and home elevation is our bread and butter. Our team of house lifters in Mandeville can give you the raised floor house you’ve always dreamed of. We’re proud to be a home raising company that has provided so many customers with a stable and reliable raised floor house.