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Founded in 1956, Patterson Structural Movers LLC. is a multi-generational, family-owned and operated heavy construction business.
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  • Licensed commercial and residential contractor
  • Over 100 years of combined staff experience
  • House lifting and all aspects of flood recovery services
  • In-house engineering and architectural services
  • We utilize the latest technology available
  • State-of-the-art unified jacking machines
  • Insurance & bonding limits that exceed government requirements
  • Specialist in federal, state, and local grant programs for flood
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Certified in helical pile installation, underpinning, tension anchors, slab support & boardwalk systems
  • Full demolition services
  • Foundation and structural repair
  • Concrete work

Why Choose Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring?

We are the preferred home elevation company in Louisiana and across the nation.

Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring is the nation’s second-largest structural mover/elevation company and a licensed Louisiana general residential and heavy construction contractor. PSMS is a dynamic, woman-owned business with offices in New Orleans, Louisiana, Long Island, NY, Newbern, NC, Greenville, SC, and Green Cove Springs, FL.

Our highly trained and motivated crews move all kinds and sizes of structures in a variety of terrain and conditions. The work we have done has been recognized with national awards from the International Association of Structural Movers (IASM).

This is a business with no room for uncertainty or inexperience. Moving structures without damage is a unique and skilled operation.

Patterson is one of only a handful of competent, qualified companies in the world that is trusted by governments, insurance companies, and families to move structures to new locations safely. We have moved huge structures from several thousand tons to single-family homes ravaged by floods and natural disasters. Our company specializes in the relocation and or elevation/hazard mitigation of structures with a speciality in historic buildings, especially masonry structures.

Our staff has moved/elevated over 5,000 structures, comprising over 5 million square feet. We participated in the elevation of the Alumni House on the Tulane University campus after Hurricane Katrina. We participated in the relocation and elevation of the 1700’s Cousin historic home in Bayou Liberty. Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring is a founding member of the Louisiana Shoring Association with Jeremy currently serving as Vice President.

Why let someone else “learn” how to be a structural mover on your building, when you can have the assurance of the best in the industry!

Memorable Projects

From super structures to creole cottages...we do it all
The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library

The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library

In 2008, the museum was filled with over 8 feet of water from a devastating flash flood that caused the Cedar River to over flow. The move of this structure in Cedar Rapids, IA continues to be the largest flood mitigation relocation ever funded by FEMA and is the largest museum ever moved in the world.
Structural Moving New Orleans, LA

Buchanan House

The two story solid brick wall home was moved 7.5 miles from its orginal farmstead and now stands as the Buchanan House Winery in Tipton, IA. Our 20 man crew made history that day by moving the 125 year old mansion. “Heavier buildings have been moved for shorter distances, but no one has ever tried to move an old 300-ton brick mansion more than five miles." -JP
Tulane University Alumni House

Tulane University Alumni House

The building was not spared by the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. The first step in the reconstruction was to raise the existing structure to meet the new FEMA guidelines for mitigation and bring the home back to its pre-Katrina condition. PSMS worked alongside Abry Brothers Construction to bring the Bea Field Alumni House back to life on the uptown campus in New Orleans, LA.
Murillo Building

Murillo Building

The three story residential, solid brick wall building was moved using a combination of hydraulic power dollies and a pull vehicle. The strucuture was relocated to make way for a large commercial building. It weighs approximately 700 tons and the move was completed in 2007. Jeremy Patterson was given the keys to the city for his epic work.
Jean Baptiste Lang Creole House Museum

Jean Baptiste Lang Creole House Museum

This historic, Anglo-Creole architectural styled building located in Old Mandeville, LA was severly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Patterson Structural Shoring and Moving stabilized and moved the home to its new site, near the Trailhead Museum. The whole community came out to watch, we even threw a parade.
Fireman Memorial Monument

Fireman Memorial Monument

As Jeremy is a retired New York City Firefighter, this project was particularly dear to our hearts. PSMS was called in to restabilize this centerpiece structure in the Greenwood Cemetery located in New Orleans, LA.It was an honor to do it. We used our hydraulic jack unit to level out the monument.

Patterson Family Team

Loretta Boyle

OwnerLoretta Boyle

Greg Patterson

Lead Project SupervisorGreg Patterson


Security Chevy

Mike Stewart

Hazard Mitigation Operations ManagerMike Stewart

Project LeadMatt Williams

Project LeadMatt Williams

Rush J. Carlton

Project ArchitectRush J. Carlton

Dan Aubry

Production ManagerDan Aubry


Hazard Mitigation Operations CoordinatorMindy Wilson