Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC is a Leader in the Installation of Helical Piles in Baton Rouge

There is no need to delay getting your foundation repaired after a faulty foundation starts to cause damage to your overall housing structure. Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC offers you innovative helical pile installation in Baton Rouge, as helical pile contractors can intervene to bring stability to your housing structure after water damage. We provide a helical pile foundation installation. After a natural disaster or gradual deterioration of your foundation, you need experienced and caring house lifters and a house raising company to help you resolve your house’s problems. As a home elevation company, Patterson can offer a range of cost-effective and quality options, such as house raising, a raised floor house, home elevation, house front elevation, and lifting a house from one location to the other. All these structural installations require a durable and stable foundation. Our helical piles for house foundation fittings have become popular across the construction industry for their ease of installation, powerful load-bearing capacity, reduced mobilization costs, versatility, and performance in weak soils and flood-prone areas. A raised floor house is not just a protective structural installation; it is visually appealing and gives you natural insulation. Patterson can provide you with a quality service for installations entailing a house elevation in Baton Rouge.

Extreme weather and water damage can be ravaging on a house and its foundation. As a structural shoring company and house movers in Baton Rouge, Patterson has a track record of excellence with structural moving and structural installations. Our work as house movers in Baton Rouge includes preventative and restorative interventions, such as storm damage restoration, structural relocation, house movers’ services, and home leveling in Baton Rouge. Foundations deteriorate, and can develop a crack or start to sink. Our operations as a foundation repair company extend to house leveling, a critical foundation repair work that can preserve the integrity of your home. This is one essential repair work we perform as a home leveling company and expert house moving company. At times, the only way to preserve your house or building is to engage building movers to move it to a safe location. Patterson is one building moving company in Baton Rouge with years of technical experience and expertise to securely carry out structure relocation.