Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC is a Top Provider of Home Leveling in Covington

Patterson is passionate about helping you keep your home in the face of storm damage or structural problems. This is why we offer storm damage restoration and home leveling. Our team also consists of helical pile contractors who can provide you with helical pilesyou’re your house’s foundation. Helical pile installation is an excellent way to make your structure more secure and sturdy than before. With a helical pile foundation, you can rest assured that your home is stable and fixed. Helical piles in Covington may be hard to come by, which is why it’s so important that you work with a qualified contractor.

We also operate as a home leveling company in Covington. At Patterson, we see house leveling as a vital service. A good house leveling company can help families stay in the home that means so much to them. By providing house leveling and working as a foundation repair company, we provide a crucial service in Covington.

As mentioned above, we’re passionate about helping families keep their homes. This is why we operate as a house raising company, too. Home elevation can save a structure and transform it into a raised floor house. House front elevation may be just the thing you need to keep your home for years to come. Patterson is a trusted provider of house elevation in Covington for a reason – we have been operating as a home elevation company for years, and are proud of the reputation we have cultivated.

House lifting in Covington isn’t the only service we provide in the area. While it’s important that you have a raised floor house, our team of house lifters is capable of more than just home raising. We also operate as house movers in Covington. By working as a house moving company, we can help you keep the home you love instead of needing to move. We can provide structural moving and structural relocation to get your building to a safer foundation. All in all, Patterson is a building moving company, structural shoring company, and restoration company that can assist with lifting a house. Contact us if you need help from professional house movers and building movers in Covington. We look forward to hearing from you soon!