Foundation Repair New Orleans, LA

Foundation Problems Can Crumble Your Home.

Patterson Shoring Can Save It!

  • Over the lifetime of a home, its foundation can slowly begin to fail and can cause noticeable damage to all other components of the structure. As a solution to structural undermining, Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring can shore, repair, and level any or all of a home’s foundation, whether slab, pier, and beam, or mixed.
  • The foundation repair team of Patterson possesses experience in shoring homes in many different regions and environments and can ensure a lasting solution to the structural integrity of your home.

If you live in Southern Louisiana, you are likely aware of the importance of maintaining the foundation of your home. With its location in a high-risk area for flooding and hurricanes, ensuring your home’s stability and safety is a top priority. Foundation repair in New Orleans and all of Southern Louisiana requires experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges of our soil.  At Patterson, we have the expertise and knowledge to address foundation issues of all types, whether they are due to soil movement, poor construction, or environmental factors. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including slab repairs, pier and beam repairs, and house leveling.

We also offer preventative maintenance to help avoid future problems. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and materials to deliver the highest quality repairs that are long-lasting and effective. We are committed to working with you to find the best solution for your specific needs and budget. Don’t let foundation issues jeopardize your home’s safety and value. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you ensure your home’s stability and protection for years to come.