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Did you receive your home elevation letter to move forward with your home elevation project from the Jefferson Parish Floodplain Management & Hazard Mitigation Department, Solutient, and Bryant Hammett & Associates (BHA)? We’re here to help!

Next Steps

  1. Acquire three quotes for your home elevation project
  2. Quotes need to be submitted on the Jefferson Parish approved bid form 
  3. Call us at (504) 241-4500. Let our Home Elevation Grant Experts help you!

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Please see below for important information and links regarding the Jefferson Parish home elevation program.

Patterson is the Home Elevation & Structural Relocation Experts

Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring is a full service contracting company that specializes in Home Elevation, Structural Relocation, Structural Shoring, Foundations, and Storm Damage Repair. Headquartered in Louisiana, Patterson serves New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, East Baton Rouge, Texas, Houston, and all surrounding areas. 

Patterson’s mission is to bring their experience, expertise, and help to all communities and families that have been affected by natural disasters. Patterson has the know-how and ability to lift and move all types of homes or buildings while taking into account the climate and unique soil types indigenous to those regions.

Why Choose Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring?

We have the experience and knowledge you need if you are considering elevating or leveling your home. Our team also understands how difficult and daunting a project like this may be, which is why we work as quickly as possible while still ensuring safe and dependable results. With more than 5,000 homes elevated, there is nobody better to call than Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring.

The Crew

The people of Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring are our most valuable and important resource. They possess energy and dedication that permeates the entire company. It is visible every day as our people overcome challenges, create inventive solutions, and build strong relationships with each other and our clients.

Four Generations of Experience

Our team has four generations of experience elevating and moving structures, repairing foundations, and shoring. We have lifted over 5,000 homes in south Louisiana alone. Patterson works together with grant programs, inspectors, building departments, and grant programs. With these years of experience as our foundation, Patterson will exceed your expectations.

Grant Program Specialists

Our grant program specialists provide informed assistance in processing federal, state, and local grants for both residential and commercial projects. The expertise of Patterson in all aspects of structural elevation, moving, shoring, and foundation repair provides project delivery and customer experience unrivaled in our industry.

Let's Lift Something

With four generations of experience, you can trust our team for all of your structural elevation and moving needs.

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