Metairie Shoring & Foundation Repair


Metaire Home Elevation

For Professional and Reliable House Movers in Metairie, Trust Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC

We at Patterson Shoring in Metairie are a reputable house moving company with generations of expertise in structural relocation, shoring, and helical pile installation. Our building moving company has a dedicated and experienced team of building movers that work tirelessly to bring unique, innovative, and structurally sound solutions to each structural project. We understand how much work and sweat go into making a house a home, so we ensure the safe and secure structural relocation of all housing types. In addition to our tried and tested structural moving solutions, we also have a track record as a foundation repair company and structural shoring company in Metairie. We carry out storm damage restoration that includes the fitting of helical piles for house foundation anchoring and support. As helical pile contractors, Patterson brings the best, cost-effective interventions for restoring housing stability after a natural disaster. The foundation of a house is the bedrock that keeps the house standing. Our customized helical piles in Metairie give your building an expertly installed deep foundation to extend the life and resilience of your house.

Patterson is also an expert home leveling company operating in Metairie that can get right to the root of all your house foundation problems. If you have a sunken house, we offer a quality diagnosis service and home leveling in Metairie to ensure problems with sunken foundations do not end up causing serious, long-term structural damage to your house. As a home elevation company and house raising company, we have a comprehensive range of related services that help protect your house against the impact of floods and hurricanes. Whether for structural integrity repairs or as a precautionary safety intervention, we offer an extensive home raising service with raised floor house options to suit your taste. When lifting a house, our team of experienced house lifters can safely secure your home. For all your expert property water damage interventions, including raised floor house installations, house leveling, house front elevation, and house elevation in Metairie, Patterson pulls out all stops to ensure maximum building integrity and flood protection. Your house is your investment, and that matters to us.