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Patterson Insights: Flood Mitigation

It’s hot, storms are getting stronger and we’re no strangers to hurricanes in the south. Are you concerned about the increasing risk of flooding impacting your home and loved ones? As 4th generation home elevation contractors, we’re here to shed light on the critical topic of flood mitigation. Discover why elevating your home could be the ultimate solution to safeguarding your property against the damaging effects of floods.

Growing Risks and Challenges

With shifting weather patterns and rising flood insurance costs, flooding has emerged as a major threat to homeowners on the Gulf Coast. The repercussions, ranging from property damage to safety hazards, can be overwhelming. Conventional flood control methods offer temporary relief but fail to provide comprehensive, long-term protection against the relentless force of floodwaters.

Elevated Homes rise above the waters and premiums

By elevating your home above the 100-year flood level, you are in the best possible situation to save your home and possessions.

Damage Aversion: Elevating your home shields it from floodwater infiltration, effectively preventing structural and water damage.
Insurance Advantages: Elevating your home can lead to reduced flood insurance premiums, acknowledging the diminished risk of flood-related losses and saving you money in the long run.
Enhanced Property Value: Elevated homes boast higher resale values due to their fortified flood resilience, making them attractive to discerning buyers who prioritize safety.
Uninterrupted Living: With an elevated home, you can stay put during floods, ensuring the safety and comfort of your family throughout challenging times.
Environmental Responsibility: Elevated homes aid in curtailing environmental impact by preventing pollutants from entering water sources and easing the strain on sewage systems.

The Elevation  Journey: What to Anticipate

Elevating a home is a big project on anyone’s scale. A qualified home elevation contractor conducts meticulous site assessments, devises a tailored plan, secures requisite permits, and executes the elevation with precision. Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring provides 4 generations of experience, in-house engineers, and the necessary insurance and permits required to perform home elevations and foundation repairs in Louisiana and Florida.

The Elevation Journey: What to Anticipate


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