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Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring (PSMS) utilizes the latest technology available to meet the needs of your project. With our pre-construction planning and scheduling, we will have your project completed on time and on a budget.

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Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring prides itself on delivering the highest quality products with professional, efficient and knowledgeable staff.

Our lift operators have over 40 years of experience elevating and moving structures, repairing foundations and shoring. We have lifted over 1500 homes in south Louisiana alone. PSMS works together with grant programs, inspectors, building departments and grant programs. With these years of experience as our foundation, PSMS will exceed your expectations.

2017 1st Place Award Winners

International Association of Structural Movers

Longest Structure Moved NOT On Rubber Tires


Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC

"Rumfolo House Lift"

Tomball, TX

This house lift took three days to complete in August 2016. The structure was lifted due to multiple floods.

The structure was 4,200 square feet and weighed 100 tons. It was lifted 12 feet and had slab separation.

Learn more about the prestigious award we won for a Texas house lift.

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